Restore your wellbeing with lotions, creams and ointments carefully prepared using natural herbal extracts, essential oils, and homoeopathic tinctures.

Traditional Creams and Ointments

Our therapeutic herbal creams and ointments are made to deliver the intended treatment topically via the skin.
When choosing a base take into consideration the following:
The skin’s condition, healthy and unbroken, or injured and inflamed, whether a hydrating action or an emollient effect is required, the surface area where the topical product is applied
The following is a general guide to choosing a suitable base
Ointments are more occlusive emollients, water insoluble, greasy and harder to wash off. They soften or melt at body temperature, spread easily, and are smooth in texture.
Pastes are stiff, very viscous ointments and do not melt or soften at body temperature. They are intended to be used as protective coverings over the areas where they are applied.
Creams are opaque, water soluble, generally well absorbed and dissipate into the skin upon application.
Gels are water washable, water absorbing and greaseless.

If you are unsure which is the most suitable base for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your product selection.

Arnica Cream/ Arnica Ointment
A must-have in your personal first-aid kit!
Best known for the relief of swellings due to bruises and sprains, arnica improves the local blood supply and accelerates healing. Apply immediately after injury to reduce swelling and bruising of the skin and underlying tissues.
Arnica may also be of benefit for varicose or spider veins
Arnica 10%
50g - $10.95
100g - $18.50
200g - $32.50
500g - $65.00
Arnica 20%
50g - $14.50
100g - $24.00
200g - $39.50
500g - $74.00


Arthritis Cream
Effective temporary relief from arthritis, sore aching joints, stiffness, muscular aches and pain


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80
200g - $25.50
500g - $55.00

Calendula Cream/ Calendula Ointment   

Excellent for cuts, grazes and wounds. Also useful for inflamed skin conditions including sunburn, minor burns, nappy rash, eczema, cradle cap, acne, dry or cracked skin and varicose veins


Calendula 10%
50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80
200g - $22.00
500g - $45.00

Calendula 20%
50g - $9.50
100g - $15.80
200g - $25.00
500g - $52.00


Chickweed Ointment

For treatment of irritated skin associated with severe itchiness such as in eczema and dermatitis. Also a good first aid remedy for drawing stubborn splinters, boils, and insect stings, or for burns and scalds


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

  Comfrey Cream/Comfrey Ointment
  Comfrey’s anti-inflammatory property is useful for treating acne   
  and boils and to relieve psoriasis. It promotes healing of bruises,
  sprains, and fractures


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80
200g - $24.95
500g - $55.00

  Derma Cream/Derma Ointment                       
Relieves itching from dermatitis and eczema condition


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

  Eczema Cream
  Formulated to relieve eczema and dermatitis


50g - $9.20
100g - $15.95

Golden Seal Ointment
Promotes healing of sores, cuts and cracked skin surfaces such as the lips, mouth corners, hand and heels


 50g - $10.20
100g - $17.10

Hypericum Ointment
Encourages wound healing to areas rich in nerve supply such as the fingers and toes and painful haemorrhoids


50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

Nettle Ointment
Traditionally used for eczema and urticaria and other irritated skin conditions


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

Pile Ointment                       
A soothing and protective ointment to relieve pain, itching, irritation and discomfort associated with piles. Can be applied to both internal and external piles.


  50g -$8.40
100g - $13.80

Propolis Ointment
Ideal for treating minor cuts, grazes and minor wounds. Also useful for cracked and sore lips


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

Psoriasis Cream/Ointment
Cortisone-free, this cream helps relieve itching, flaking, and irritation due to psoriasis in a soothing emollient base.


50g - $10.50
100g - $17.80

Rescue Cream   
Formulated with  Bach Flower Essence it is useful in times of emotional and physical stress


 50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80

Scarless Healer
Calendula, comfrey and St Johns’ wort are some of the best wound healing herbs and the combination help promote wound healing and reduces the appearance of scars when applied regularly


50g - $9.80
100g - $16.95
200g - $28.00
500g - $60.00

Thuja Ointment
Assist in the treatment of warts and other fungal and viral infections


50g - $8.40   
100g - $13.80

Witch Hazel Cream/Ointment
Witch hazel has a softening effect and helps to balance the oil sebum of the skin
With its anti-inflammatory and anti-couperose (decreases redness in the face) effect, witch hazel lotion and cream is useful for inflamed and tender skin conditions such as eczema and acne. It is also valuable for the treatment of haemorrhoids, varicose veins and bruises.


50g - $8.40
100g - $13.80