Below is a collection of herbal formulations which we have developed over the years and received very good responses from customers.
The following is a guide to what we usually recommend these tablets for.
You may also request to have your own formula made up to your requirements.


Adecal tablets Adecal contains soluble calcium in a form that is quickly absorbed by the body, along with Vitamin D and Magnesium which works together to form the essential building blocks for tissues, blood, bones and teeth development.                                                                                                
100 tablets - $10.90                                                                                   
250 tablets - $21.70                                                                                 
500 tablets - $33.90                                                                                 
1000 tablets - $ 58.90       

Alfalfa capsules – Alfalfa is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids. It is a well known natural antacid and a mild diuretic, traditionally used as an aid to the treatment of arthritis                                                   
100 capsules - $12.95                                                                               
250 capsules - $25.95                                                                               
500 capsules - $42.00                                                                              
1000 capsules - $77.00                

Avenol tabletsFormulated with St John’s wort, nature’s antidote for depression, this is a gentle herbal sedative to support an over-stressed nervous system. Helps to calm nerves and lift moods by day and induces sleep at night   
100 tablets -  $34.95                                                                                
250 tablets - $55.80                                                                       

Avenol Plus tablets – Containing valerian, zizyphus and bacopa (no St John’s wort) it helps to calm nerves by day and induces restful sleep at night              
100 tablets - $34.95                                                                                     
250 tablets - $55.80

Bevitone Bevitone is a combination of Vitamins B1, B12 and all twelve Schuessler salts – all essential for the nervous system. At Camerons' we recommend Bevitone for nervous debility, frustration, irritability, frequent headaches, chronic anxiety and tension                                                                                                      
100 tablets - $8.30                                                                                   
250 tablets - $18.50                                                                                  
500 tablets - $33.50                                                                                   
1000 tablets - $58.90

Bio-feme tablets –    A combination of herbs, specific for balancing the female hormones in times of need. At Camerons' this is a remedy we often recommend for irregular menstrual cycles, teenage acne, PMT, and menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, night sweat, irritability and mood swings)                                             
100 tablets - $12.95                                                                                  
250 tablets - $23.95                                                                                  
500 tablets - $37.95                                                                                 
1000 tablets - $62.00

Biotin tablets –   Also known as Vitamin H for hair, Biotin is vital for healthy skin and hair and may also assist with dry and scaly skin conditions and hair loss                                                                                                            
100 tablets - $11.50                                                                                   
250 tablets - $24.50                                                                                 
500 tablets - $41.60

Cevitone tablets – Contains Calcium ascorbate (the non-acidic form of Vitamin C) together with the 12 Schuessler salts, this is an antioxidant rich, immune-boosting combination which is also beneficial for the blood, skin, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Also available in children strength                                                   
Adult strength                                                              Children strength     
100 tablets - $9.60                                                        100 tablets - $8.95   
250 tablets - $21.00                                                      250 tablets - $19.95
500 tablets - $36.85                                                      500 tablets - $34.00
1000 tablet s- $65.00                                                  1000 tablets - $62.00  

Cod Liver Oil capsules – Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of vitamin A & D which is essential for proper mineralization of bones and teeth, beneficial for blood clotting and healthy heart muscles, as well as being a good supplement in osteoarthritis                                                                                               
100 capsules - $8.50                                                                                 
250 capsules - $19.80                                                                               
500 capsules - $36.20                                                                              
1000 capsules - $65.00

Derma tablets –  A homoeopathic formulation for skin troubles, acne and dermatitis                                                                                                   
100 tablets - $9.50                                                                                   
250 tablets - $17.10                                                                                 
500 tablets - $30.50

Diuretic tablets –  This is a mild herbal diuretic for fluid retention, to assist the elimination of accumulated fluid, may be useful in cases of oedema and inflammation.                                                                                              
100 tablets - $10.95                                                                                    
250 tablets - $21.50                                                                                 
500 tablets - $38.00                                                                                 
1000 tablets - $74.00

Garlic capsules – Garlic has strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects as well as the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Garlic is also an excellent remedy for chest infections, it is good for colds, flu, ear infections, asthma and bronchitis                                                                                                 
100 capsules - $7.60                                                                                    
500 capsules - $29.00                                                                                  
1000 capsules - $49.95

Kelp capsules – Kelp is a good source of iodine and minerals beneficial for underactive thyroid function and related lethargy and weight gain                     
100 capsules - $12.95                                                                                    
500 capsules $41.50                                                                                      
1000 capsules - $66.40

Kidney Pills –    Containing herbs with diuretic and antiseptic properties specific for the kidney and bladder, this is a valuable remedy which we often recommend for urinary tract infections, cystitis and prostatitis                                                   
100 tablets - $14.95                                                                                  
250 tablets - $33.50                                                                                  
500 tablets - $53.60                                                                                
1000 tablets - $88.75

Neoven tablets - Formulated with rutin, a natural bioflavonoid known to promote circulation, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. At Camerons' we recommend Neoven tablets for vascular conditions such as varicose veins, haemorrhoids, as well as to strengthen capillaries and improve blood circulation.                                 
100 tablets $12.30                                                                                    
250 tablets - $25.50                                                                                  
500 tablets - $45.90                                                                               
1000 tablets - $82.00

Sinus tablets – This is a homoeopathic formulation designed to ease the discomfort of sinus congestion                                      
100 tablets - $10.50                                                                                      
250 tablets - $21.50                                                                                      
500 tablets - $35.00

Slippery Elm capsules – known to relieve digestive discomfort and soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract                                    
100 capsules - $19.95                                                                                   
250 capsules -  $44.95                                                                                  
500 capsules - $79.00

Toniplex tablets – A combination of vitamin B complex and all the Schuessler salts.
The Vitamin B group plays an important part in carbohydrate metabolism and energy production and is vital for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. At Camerons this is recommended for nervous tension, anxiety, loss of appetite, anaemia, muscular pains and much more.                                               
100 tablets - $11.95                                                                                   
250 tablets - $24.50                                                                                   
500 tablets - $44.50                                                                                  
1000 tablets - $80.00

Venarton tablets – Comprises of calcium gluconate, rutin, Vitamin K, and nicotinic acid this is a remedy to improve blood circulation, relieve cramps and chilblains       
100 tablets - $15.95                                                                                    
250 tablets - $31.90

Vitamin E Capsules – Antioxidant properties protect the body tissues from free radicals, important in the formation of red blood cells and may have protective effects on the heart. Available in 250mg or 500mg
250mg                                                 500IU                                           
100 capsules - $18.00                       100 capsules -$35.00                             
250 capsules - $36.80                       250 capsules - $72.00                             
500 capsules - $72.00



These liquid dosage forms are easy to administer and are great for children or people who cannot swallow tablets or capsules. These mixtures and drops often have a water component and an alcohol component as the vehicle. Most of these drops are quite palatable but you may request to have them sweetened to improve the taste but we often recommended that they be diluted in a bit of water or juice to dilute the taste.

Listed below are some of the popular mixtures that we prepare and a brief guide to what we often recommend them for. If unsure please check with us they are suitable for your condition.

If you have a particular formula that you would like to have made up, please fax through a copy of your prescription and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Allergy and Hayfever drops – Comprises of nettle, stillingia, hydrastis and homoeopathic sabadilla, it is anti-allergenic and useful for hayfever, asthma, and itchy skin conditions

A.D.H.D. drops – Ginkgo and brahmi together with the soothing effect of Passiflora helps to improve memory and concentration

Arthritis drops – Formulated to relieve stiff and aching joints

Avenol drops - Herbal sedative to help calm the nerves by day and induces restful sleep at night

Asthma drops – Formulated with grindelia, liquorice and thyme helps relax the muscles of the bronchial passages and clear congested mucus

Birth drops – Used three weeks before baby is due to assist in a good birth. Recommended use with squaw vine tea for synergistic effect

Blood pressure drops – Mistletoe, ginkgo, and crataegus works together to help normalize blood pressure and stabilize heart beat

Bronchitis drops – Helps to clear airways and remove bronchial secretions
Calming drops for children – contains peppermint, passiflora, oats, and chamomile which are well known for their soothing and calming effects

Cholesterol drops – Formulated to lower cholesterol

Circulation drops – Help to improve circulation and assist with circulatory disorders such as varicose veins, and haemorrhoids

Cold & flu drops – Contains baptisia, boneset, echinacea and elder flowers this combination help to relieve symptoms of the common cold, reduces fever, and boost the body’s own natural immune system to combat against infection. Available in adult or children formulation

Cystitis drops – Berberis, horsetail, golden rod, uva ursi and echinacea works together to treat urinary tract infection

Depression drops – A gentle herbal drops to combat depression, non-habit forming

Energy Tonic – Containing herbs, vitamins and minerals, the stimulating and restorative properties of this remedy makes it ideal for people suffering from mild to moderate depression and nervous exhaustion, increases alertness, muscular strength and counters fatigue

Eyesight drops – The combination of ruta, ginkgo, and bilberry improves eyesight and relieve strained and tired eyes

Fertility drops – Contains sarsaparilla which has progesterogenic action and is used by native Amazonian to improve virility

Immune drops – Burdock, echinacea, golden seal, and phytolacca works to support the body’s immune system and combat infections

Jet lag drop – Taken three times a day before and during your trip this is a remedy to help your body adjust to the new time zone

Kidney drops – Formulated with golden rod, uva ursi, and horsetail this combination helps to tone the kidney, prevent urinary tract disorders, and may help to flush out kidney and bladder stones

Laxative drops – Aloes, frangula, fringe tree, and golden seal to help relieve constipation

Liver & gall drops – A combination of herbs which improve bile flow and is useful for treating jaundice, gallstones, and gallbladder pain

Liver Tonic – Contains detoxifying herbs which works on the liver and aid the removal of toxins

Memory drops – Indian pennywort, rosemary and ginkgo are revitalizing herbs that serve to strengthen nervous function and memory

Migraine drops – Catnip, passiflora and skullcap to ease migraine and tension headaches

Morning sickness drops – The soothing properties of balm, stillingia, chamomile and peppermint helps to ease nausea and digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating and wind

Nerve drops – Help support and nourish the nervous system, calm and relieve stress and anxiety

Nursing mother’s tonic – Combination of herbs which stimulate milk production together with vitamins and minerals essential for breastfeeding mothers

Parasite MixtureA herbal remedy for eradicating intestinal worms and parasites

Period pain drops – Combination of herbs to help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and eases the pain. Take a few days before and during menstruation

Regulate period drops – Normalizing effect on the female reproductive system, helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce pain

Post natal depression drops - Oats, ginkgo, passiflora and St John’s wort to alleviate post natal depression

PMT drops – Taken a few days before menstruation to help relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension

Prostate drops – promote prostate health, helps strengthen the bladder, reduce enlarged prostate glands and aid urine flow

Sinus drops – Formulated to relieve sinus congestion

Sleeping drops – The calming effects of balm, chamomile, oats, peppermint and passion flower helps to relieve insomnia

Teething drops – Formulated to relieve children teething pain

Tonsilitis drops – Boost your immunity against infections, relieve swollen and inflamed tonsils

Varicose veins drops – Horse chestnut, gotu kola, witch hazel and clivers helps to relieve inflammation, promote circulation and tone the vein walls

Wind drops - Helps to soothe and relieve wind, reflux and colicky cramps in babies and infants


Merc Bin Iod – A powder taken dried on the tongue for sore throats

Slippery Elm Powder – Soothing for the digestive tract, it helps to neutralize stomach acid and relieves gas

Rheuma salt – A crystalline salt taken in the morning and at night, dissolved in water to help assist with the elimination of uric acid and ease joint stiffness and pain


If you have a particular formula that you would like to have made up, please fax through a copy of your prescription and we will be in contact with you shortly.